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Piano Movers in Pittsburgh

Piano Movers in PittsburghOver the course of a lifetime, a person will acquire a number of possessions. Having a lot of things in a home is great, until it comes time to make a move. Among the most difficult things to move out of a home is a piano. The best way to make sure this process is done the right way is by hiring professional piano movers. Kissel Moving & Storage has a lot of experience in moving everything from baby grands to full sized grand pianos. Getting the careful moving that only a professional like Kissel Moving & Storage can provide will be well worth the money paid.

The Manpower to Get the Job Done

Most homeowners drastically underestimate just how hard it can be to move their spinet pianos. Without the right amount of manpower, moving a heavy piano can cause a homeowner a lot of grief and pain. Our team of Pittsburgh residential movers will be able to get the piano moved in no time. Instead of risking bodily injury by trying to move a piano on their own, a homeowner can take advantage of services offered by Kissel Moving & Storage.

Getting to the New Home in One Piece

Hiring professional piano movers can guarantee safe and damage-free transport to a new residence. The custom packing that our movers will use can protect grand pianos from getting dinged up on the trip over to the new home. Our movers will take extra special care of the piano to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. We have the manpower needed to get this type of moving done in a timely fashion.

Are you in need of professional piano movers? The team at Kissel Moving & Storage can provide the service and professionalism a homeowner is looking for. Contact or call us at 412-231-3428 to get more information what we can do.

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